We design and manufacture exceptional memorials.
Modern thinking, material and tradition are the elements for the dignific memorials

The thought

The death of a member of the founding family of the Spittelmeister GmbH & Co. KG was the cause of the ( back then ) Pforzheim memorials.

The contemporary way of grave design

The design in the free art, the designs in modern architecture and the long term trends were the cause for overdue changes on the monumental sector. Those connecting with the new spirit of times are looking for something special. A Pforzheim memorial is something special.

A bereaved or a dear friend, who selected something special and beautiful for remembrance, and gives the person an individual memorial to show his appreciation.

The materials stainless steel, natural stone, glass and wood state a harmonic unity. The possibilities of combination give the monuments an individual note, whether it is a steel-, post- or a platform- construction.

Technical detail solutions with their independent emplacement characteristics are described under the category “Construction”.