Many examples: This is how we make your decision easier for you. Choose between: Square- or round post,
Granite or glass


Coloured square post with granite panel

The square post is discreetly powder-coated. On the granite panel (Viscount White) the stainless steel Font was drafted as complete lettering.

Please approach us for your individual design ideas.


Round post with a glass panel

A panel of clear safety glass, inscription radiated and shaded in white. The partial cover made of granite with an embedded triangle-shaped plant base.


Roundpost with glass panel (radiated)

The triangle shaped slate cover leaves room for plants. Round stainless steel light.


Round post with granite panel

Inscription panel and grave cover made of flamed granite (Multicolour Red), space for planting, stainless steel kerb.


Panel made of edged stainless steel with a glass inscription panel.

Elegant with two narrow inscription panel made of safety glass. The names are inscribed and shaded in colour. The partial cover is made of granite (Viscount White) with an embedded triangle-planting basin.

In this grave up to six urns can be placed. -Depending on the requirements and the design, different and adjustable heights are possible.


Small panel with a cut-out (Cross)

Both, the panel and the base are made of stainless steel. The inscription is engraved and additionally shaded in color.